Ex-Boogeymen will be playing day two of this incredible music fest. Lots of great acts, including a Ninja Gun reunion! Get your tickets now! 

You just GOTTA have the Ex-Boogeymen in your musical collection, so, by all means, pay whatever you want for it!  Love, Ex-Boogeymen

The Ex-Boogeymen @ FEST 12, November 2013! (Video by Todd Weissfeld) 


See you at FEST tonight, brothers and sisters! You can catch us tonight at Durty Nelly’s Pub, 11:20pm – 12:00am! We will be going on an indefinite hiatus following this performance, so make it a point to come check us out—if anything, to see what costume Reverend Liaison will be scaring up this year!

Here is a really cool video of our entire set from June 06, 2013, at High Dive (Gainesville, Florida), shot by our good buddy Andrew Chadwick.

“Country Music at Its Ugliest”: a review of the Waylon Thornton/Ex-Boogeymen split, Only Darkness Holds the Power:

In the liner notes, there are pictures of a bunch of nice looking people. Supposedly, these are the members of the two bands. Having listened to the CD, I know that this is a ruse. This music is clearly made by backwoods cannibals who would just as soon eat my eyeballs out than smile at me. This is country music at its ugliest. They probably recorded this while sucking marrow from the bones of the rats they found in Hank William’s grave. Also, the song “I Want to Be Dave Vanian” is really fucking creepy in like eight million ways.Razorcake

Download Only Darkness Holds the Power @ theexboogeymen.bandcamp.com!


Big announcement: Revered Liaison has decided to finish out the year as an Ex-Boogeyman, culminating in what will be Ex-Boogeymen’s fifth consecutive FEST appearance! Get your tickets HERE! See you this fall!



Photo: John Davisson

After four years of “Devil Rock” revelry, Ex-Boogeymen singer Reverend Liaison has decided that following tomorrow night’s show he will be leaving the band he helped start. He’s says he’s had an interesting experience and hopes that everyone who has ever supported Ex-Boogeymen in the past will go on doing so with or without his presence, as he plans on pursuing other outlets. He wishes his fellow Ex-Boogeymen the best.


With that in my mind, we are still looking forward to our show tomorrow night in Gainesville, FL, at the High Dive, with Jacuzzi Boys, III Bones and—just added—The Young Hookers! Unfortunately, drummer Justo Walker will be unable to play =( However, Mercy’s friend, Mark Reese, is graciously filling in—on one day’s notice, having never played with Ex-Boogeymen before! Should be interesting! So get your tickets here, and come say goodbye to the Reverend!

Also: Go see our buds Post Teens the next night in Gainesville, FL, in the Backyard at Boca Fiesta/Palomino, with local legends Radon and reputable newbies Anemones! It’s a benefit for a little girl’s heart operation, so go!


And check out the new EP from our friends Alien Summer, which was produced by Waylon Thornton! And follow them!


Your saviors, your masters of ceremony…

the Ex-Boogeymen

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means Ex-Boogeymen is celebrating its four-year anniversary! That means, this weekend only, all Ex-Boogeymen releases on bandcamp are half off! Don’t miss out on getting four years’ worth of “Devil Rock” discourse for under $5!


MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL showed the Ex-Boogeymen/WTHH split some love in its latest issue (#361)! Pick up your copy @ theexboogeymen.bandcamp.com!

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL showed the Ex-Boogeymen/WTHH split some love in its latest issue (#361)! Pick up your copy @ theexboogeymen.bandcamp.com!


Reverend Liaison will be struttin’ it solo on Saturday, May 4 @ Rehab in Tallahassee, Florida! He’ll be kickin’ out new originals and Ex-Boogeymen classicks! Don’t miss out!


Then, it’s the return of Ex-Boogeymen proper! Friday, June 7 @ High Dive in Gainesville, Florida, with Jacuzzi Boys and III Bones! Buy your tickets here!


In the meantime, pick up the latest Ex-Boogeymen release, Only Darkness Holds the Power! Available on CD and Digital Download!

 Only Darkness Holds The Power cover art

And while you’re at it, check out the latest from Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands. It’s entitled Enter the Coven, ‘cause we know you got some lovin’ in that oven!

 Enter The Coven cover art

<3 Ex-Boogeymen